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Ellie – The Mystical Celebrant

Hi, I’m Ellie, (she/her), the mystical, Gothic, Norse/Viking, Pagan ceremony creator. Based in Whitby North Yorkshire, I travel all over to lead weddings, handfasting and many other ceremonies for couples, groups, and families looking for a specific specialised ceremony.

Handfasting Ceremonies

Handfasting is one of the ceremonies I specialise in. Having spent many years researching handfasting, from Norse, Wiccan, and Celtic, to symbolic, and non-religious ceremonies. During my years of being a celebrant, it has been an honour and a privilege to create and perform hundreds of handfasting ceremonies. All different and all tailormade for those they were for.
This doesn’t mean I am a self-proclaimed expert; it means I specialise in creating a handfasting ceremony with meaning to you. Whether you want a Pagan ceremony, a Viking themed ceremony, or a handfasting with bright ribbons, the choice is yours. You do not need to be a Pagan; you just need it to be memorable for you.

Your Ceremony, Your Celebrant

If you are seeking a wedding, renewal of vows, a commitment, or any other kind of ceremony you will be the heart of it. The ceremony is the most memorable, meaningful and important part of your day. As such, it should be completely about you. You aren’t ‘my Bride(s) ‘my Groom(s)’ ‘my couple’, or ‘my family’; I am your celebrant, and ‘your wish is my command’. Well, within reason of course (sky diving, scuba diving and bungee jumping aren’t my stronger points).

Do You Have a Theme for Your Wedding?

Any theme, any place, any time or day or night, the choice is yours. From intimate ceremonies for two, micro ceremonies with just a few guests, or larger attended ceremonies, all will be original and personal. Romantic, humorous, theatrical, historical, fancy dress, indoor, outdoor, or more, the choice is yours and I will make it a truly memorable, interactive if required and celebratory occasion.

Funeral and Memorials

All life, no matter how long it was lived, must be celebrated when the time comes to say goodbye. Natural and green burials are my speciality as a funeral celebrant, but I am always humbled to be asked by anyone to create any other kinds of funeral, memorial or ashes ceremony. If there has been a direct cremation, or limited attendees at a funeral; or if the person died abroad, a memorial ceremony is a way for those not present at the original funeral, to celebrate the life of a special person.

Alternative Funerals

Many alternative people have their funeral ceremony conducted by non-alternative people as their loved ones are unaware of us true alternative celebrant types. Those who live a certain lifestyle such as members of a subculture, Larpers, re-enactment players, cosplayers, or those who just want a life centred funeral focused on them, can go out their way.

Celebrate your individuality.

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