We are Ellie, Michelle and Lou, three unique celebrants.

Together, we are The Irregular Celebrants.

Although our styles are different, our beliefs are the same; we all believe in creating and performing tailormade ceremonies for those who seek them.
Every ceremony has just one identical aspect, we make them completely about you! The fantastic families and couples we work with are always at the heart of each ceremony.

We don’t follow a rulebook, in fact, we ripped it up a long time ago. What we follow is your direction and requirements. Templates and textbook ceremonies are standard for some, but not for us. You deserve better.

You aren’t a ‘tick box’, and neither should your ceremony be. We aren’t standard celebrants, classed as alternative celebrants, we are more than alternative, we are irregular.

TIC; The Irregular Celebrants. Do we ‘TIC’ your celebrant choice box?

Ellie – The Mystical Celebrant

Hi, I’m Ellie, (she/her), the mystical, Gothic, Norse/Viking, Pagan ceremony creator. Based in Whitby North Yorkshire, I travel all over to lead…

Michelle – The Funky Celebrant

I’m Michelle, (she/her), aka Flo aka The Funky Celebrant.
Bodacious, curvaceous, nerdy and slightly ever so obsessed with all things Wizarding World, I’m a chocolate Labrador loving (and owning ) wand…

Lou – The Eccentric Celebrant

Aye up! I’m Lou, (she/her), from Starr Gazing Ceremonies – AKA – the Eccentric One! BIZARRE, WEIRD, COLOURFULL, ECLECTIC, THEMED – these are my kind of ceremonies. Theatre, music, singing get me buzzing – oh and so does wearing a beard!!!

How it all began.

T’was once upon a Halloween blue moon
Six chimes of the clock past the noon
A trio of celebrants gathered together
Determined to offer their services to all those irregular

Not just alternative, but different from others
All presenting choices as many have discovered
From Pagan, Norse, goth or funky,
To theatrical, original, creative and punky

Experienced, knowledgeable and award winning too
Each designing distinctive ceremonies just for you.
Weddings, namings, renewal of vows
Anniversary, engagement, ceremonies all filled with wows!

Funerals, memorials, goodbye ceremonies
Life centred services filled with your memories
You aren’t a ‘tick’ box, and neither are we
We stand out from others,
So, choose one of the three.