Michelle Taylor

Michelle – The Funky Celebrant

I’m Michelle, (she/her), aka Flo aka The Funky Celebrant.
Bodacious, curvaceous, nerdy and slightly ever so obsessed with all things Wizarding World, I’m a chocolate Labrador loving (and owning ) wand twirling Goddess and wannabe Captain of the Starship Enterprise.

Hogwarts IS real. (I’d be the Care of Magical Creatures Prof) Oh, and its Marvel over DC anytime.

Time and Relative Dimensions In Space is a thing, and I REALLY want to go off exploring Middle Earth in search of the ‘One Ring’ to unite us all…

Whilst no language expert, I have been known to mutter a few words in Spanish, Elvish and will screech at you in Mermish if required!

I love colour so I’ll either round off my Funky outfit, a 50’s style dress, bright petticoat and Funky DM’s, with my bright red fro, or be dressing to a theme.

No ceremony is complete without your #FunkyCelebrant.

A Funky Wedding

Funky weddings are my ‘thang’ I love creating, and more so inventing something symbolic and totally different for your ceremony…Let’s go ‘LARP’ing in the woods, or a treasure hunt around a castle…give me an idea to run with and I’ll turn it into something pretty spectacular, wands may be involved…just to let you know.

I’m still looking out for something science based, you know, chemistry set explosions kind of thing! Do you fancy being my first volcano ceremony? Yeah? Let’s do this!

But hey, YOUR ceremony is not all about me!

Surprise, surprise, it is actually all about YOU…and you will be at the heart of anything I create. I have to inject my personality into it, because it is the way I write and deliver my loving crafted words that bring your story to life…and we work on these words together. But more on that over on my website.

Funky Memorials & Living Funerals

I don’t always like being timebound!

We shouldn’t be restricted to an hour’s service at a crem, when we say goodbye. We should be able to sing, dance and celebrate a life lived, in a style that truly reflects the person we loved.

As a result, I don’t do funerals, but I do conduct Memorial Ceremonies for the wilder departed souls, as well as Living Funerals for those who want to enjoy the party and hear what everyone wants to say to them…

As the old advert goes, ‘Anytime, anyplace, anywhere’ your ceremony can be as structured or unstructured as you want, feature the words, elements, music and memories in the exact way you want to share them. A picnic on the beach, or gathered under a favourite oak tree, your choices are boundless.

*A memorial ceremony normally follows a direct cremation, but it can be held at any time.