Vow Renewal Ceremonies

Celebrate the milestones

Do you want to celebrate that major milestone as you rededicate yourselves to each other?
Or maybe invite the friends and family who weren’t there first- time round because you had to marry on a budget?

Perhaps it’s an excuse for you to hold the ceremony of your dreams without the pressure of having to conform to what everyone else thinks a wedding ceremony should look like!

Whatever your reasons, The Irregular Celebrants are here to help.

From the small and intimate to the big, and possibly themed, shin dig; a vow renewal is a fabulous excuse for a celebration just the way you planned.

Each year of marriage is recognised in its own right as an achievement of longevity and can be marked with an appropriate gift of a flower or a gemstone. It’s often said that the gifts for wedding anniversaries tend to increase in substance and value over time as a marriage itself should grow and strengthen over time. (A not so subtle hint there for spouse who is wondering just what to buy for that 15th Wedding Anniversary present; depending on where in the world you live, it’s a piece of China or Crystal btw))

Telling your story

Weaving your life story into the ceremony goes without saying, but a Vow Renewal Ceremony is so much more than just a tick list of your achievements. When you renew your vows, you are celebrating and acknowledging new family members as well as those you may have lost along the way.

Then there’s the ups and downs of living in the same house with someone and their ‘endearing’ little habits, which may have seemed way cuter at the outset of your journey together.

You’re recognising the triumphs, the disasters, the strength, and the depth of your feelings, which have kept you together despite of, and because of everything that has happened to bring you to this point of celebration.

All of these little wins in life should be celebrated in your own inimitable style, at a time and location of your choosing, and with everyone who has played a part in your success as a couple.

Just like all the ceremonies The Irregular Celebrants conduct, your vow renewal will be exceptional, written for you and about you.

Because the world is less rigid, traditions have become what you make them and there is no reason why you cannot switch up, dress up and remake memories that may have been a bit disappointing first-time round. Or then again, maybe you felt it was so good the first time around you just want to do it all over again! Whatever your reason The Irregular Celebrants have you covered. Together, let’s get your ceremony, and your party started!