Naming Ceremonies

For children – when a name is chosen for them
When we traditionally talk of a naming ceremony, our thoughts (nearly always) turn to such an event as a religious, family or Celebrant led name giving.

Choosing a name for your child is one the most important decisions you as a parent will make.

Some will take the religious route, dedicating their child to the God(s) of their choosing and understanding, whilst others will take a more secular approach, waiting for the child to grow to an understanding of their own.

A celebrant led Naming Ceremony, can combine elements of all, or none; personal touches abound and almost nothing is beyond limits. It is the perfect way to welcome a new heartbeat into the family. Multiple generations gather to make promises to love and help raise the child to be whomsoever they wish to be.

The Irregular Celebrants ethos is, and will always be, that the child is at the centre of the ceremony.

So, when it comes to celebrating a child’s given name, there is scope to be as imaginative as you wish.

We will create a space, where you can talk about the emotions of welcoming the child into your lives: explain what their chosen name means to you, and how those who are present can help raise that child in a world surrounded with love, tolerance and the acceptance that they are free to choose their own path as they grow older.

This child can be a baby, a toddler, or older; and it makes no difference whatsoever how they came to be in your life. You are making a promise to them as parent, guardian, grandparent, friend or relative.

For children, teens and adults who choose their own name and with it their own identity.

Not every person will ultimately be happy with their given name.

It might be that for some their name does not reflect who they now are; maybe the name is too safe, too  ‘out there’ or misrepresents them in some other way. Maybe they are just not happy with the societal gender role they and their given name deem them to have been assigned.

For these people, The Irregular Celebrants offer an opportunity to rename and reintroduce themselves to the world as the person they truly are.

We will hold a safe space, filled with love as you announce to the world exactly who you are and what your name means to you and allowing friends and family to share and celebrate the joy of your new identity, because after all, without our identity who are we?

A name means so much to so many, but your name should mean the most to you. For it will be spoken a million times over, in so many different ways, from a whisper to a shout; be proud of who you are.

Naming Ceremonies for non- binary, gender fluid or trans people aren’t in themselves irregular ceremonies.

What is irregular is a break from what is traditionally expected, and the fact that you get to choose your own name. No matter your age or the reason you have chosen to change your name, let’s celebrate.

As Shakespeare said, ‘What is in a name?’ The answer: everything!